Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The SGC Bandung Tour....

The planned SGC Bandung Tour had to be cancelled as only 10 golfers signed up for the trip. The ''Tour' required a minimum of 16 golfers to qualify for sanction by the club. Overseas Tour Director, pakRoslan Chik, on his own initiative, invited Koba Tin to make up the numbers for a more lively outing for the original 10 who had bought their tickets to Bandung. And to our pleasant surprise Koba Tin offered to host us again in the Staroba-Koba Invitation Edisi 2 and asked for a team of 20 golfers. Koba Tin, as in the Edisi 1 in Jakarta, sponsored all ground costs.

Getting another 10 golfers was not a problem anymore as the deal was too attractive to ignore......

Pakdokter had posted a report on the Staroba-Koba Invitation Edisi 2 on pakdokter's blog at You are welcomed to visit it to see what fun we all had....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Staroba April Monthly Medal - Results

Name hcp/stableford points

01. Sirajudin Ahmad 16/41

02. Mohd Roslan Chik 12/40

03. Nordin MD 21/38

04. Sani Hashim 16/35

05. Ramli Hassan 21/35

06. Mohd Nizom Shaari 17/34

07. Rais Mansor 13/34

08. Syed Abdullah 23/34

09.Nik Ashbil Nik Hisham 24/33

10. Fakhrunasri 22/33

11. Izwan Nordin 2/33

12. Syed Sofi 14/33

13. Yuzer Yusof 16/32

14. Azharudin Akasah 11/32

15. Ahmad Khalid 14/30

16. Salehudin Hisham 12/29

17. Mohd Bahari Aluan 24/29

18. Dr Halim Shamsudin 21/29

19. Latip Mustafa 17/28

20. Efiza Ehwan 23/28

21. Adnan Abd Ghani 22/27

22. Mohd Shaber Razali 17/27

23. Fuad Buang 16/27

24. Khairil Khalid 22/26

25. Mohd Amin Jidon 16/26

26. Arham Salam 22/25

27. Mohd Saufee Affendi 24/25

28. Zulkefli Rauf 19/25

29. Sheikh Yahya 21/25

30. Shahizan 24/25

31. Putra Mashordin Jumat 22/24

32.Husni Yusof 11/23

33. Zahazuddin Nordin 24/23

34. Kamaruddin Ahmad 22/23

35. Shahrum Mokhtar 22/22

36. Abd Hamid Shafie 24/21

37. Asri Hassan 23/21

38. Dr Fadzil Man 24/21

39. Ramli Yeop Aziz 24/17

Staroba April Monthly Medal - Lembah Beringin


Syed Abdullah


1. Sirajudin Ahmad

2. Mohd Roslan Chik

3. Nordin Ahmad

4. Sani Hashim

5. Ramli Hassan

6. Rais Mansor

7. Mohd Nizom Sairi

The Staroba April Medal was played Sunday morning at the Lembah Beringin Golf Course. A total of 39 golfers took part and it was heartening to see quite a number of newand younger golfers taking part in this monthly activity.

Pakdokter played with fellow batchmate - Ahmad Khalid - and bettd on a partnership game against Yuzer Yusof and Arham Salam. Pakdokter's handicap was 24, AK 14, YY 16 and Arham 22. It was an evenly matched game and AK's missing so many par putts cost us 4 balls in the 1st Nine. Yuzer anchored his pair to clinch another 6 balls in the 2nd Nine.

However none from our flight made it to the winners list.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SGC February 2011 Medal at Kota Kemuning

Results ( Bogey Play)
Md Rais Mansor (15) - +4
Zulkifli Rauf (21) - +4
Rahmat Dahlan (24) - +4
Wan Zain (15) - +3
Norahim MD (22) - +3
Ramli Hassan (22) - +3
Salehudin Hisham (13) - +2
Ismail Hasan (15) - +2
Sirajudin Ahmad (16) - +2
Shahidan Razak (19) - +2
Roslan Chik (13) - +1
Sani Hashim (16) - +1
Fakhrunasri (21) - +1
Mohd Bahari (24) - +1
Ramlan Husin (13) - 0
Syed Sofi (14) - 0
Anuarul Azhar (15) - 0
Nordin MD (21) - 0
Mohd Shaber (17) - -1
Latip Mustapa (17) - -1
Badry Jaafar (17) - -2
Ali Arifin (19) - -2
Arham Salam (22) - -2
Asri Hasan (23) - -2
Zahazuddin (24) - -2
Sheikh Yahya (20) - -4
Datuk Baharuddin (20) - -5
Syed Abdullah (22) - -5
Dr Razali Muhamad (22) - -7
Abd Hamid Shafie (24) - -8
Mihdzor Hilal (12) - -10

Monday, February 21, 2011

SGC Bandung Golf Tour 2011

Sunday 03rd April 2011 to Wednesday 06th April 2011
Golf Courses to Play
Dago Indah or Bandung Indah
Giri Gahana Golf Course
Mountain View Golf Course
Estimated Cost
RM2250 (single)/ RM2050 (twin share)
which covers
3 nights hotel with breakfast
3 rounds of golf and transfers
3 dinners
tournament fees
excludes airfare
Reccomended travel itinerary
Sunday 3rd April 11 QZ7592 KUL/BDO 0940/1045
Wednesday 6th April 11 QZ7593 BDO/KUL 1200/1505
Saturday 2nd April 11 MH 859 KUL/BDO 1410/1720
Wednesday 6th April 11 MH 858 BDO/KUL 1410/1720
(extra night hotel in Bandung on Saturday 2nd April)
Please book yor flights and inform Tour Director or Captain

Monday, February 14, 2011

STAROBA-KOBA TIN Invitation 2011 (Day 3) : Back to Cengkareng...

The third day game was slotted to be played at 7 30 am. So we all left the hotel at 5.30 am and headed for Cengkareng early so as to avoid the traffic jam. Breakfast was served at the club-house.
In the original plan, the third game was to be played at the Royale Jakarta Golf Course. Koba Tin had played practice rounds there and must have found the course too tough for their players. And being the host team, they decided to change the venue back to Cengkareng, where the fairways were wider and more forgiving. This would help many of their golfers with high handicaps but wild though strong drives. They also knew that many Staroba players would be disadvantaged in a walking course as many of them were 'overweight' and 'unfit'........

a group photo before the game...

in the changing room....

pakdokter was not only the 'playing blogger....'
pakdokter was also the 'playing doctor'...

putting the 'koyok' patches
at the right accupressure spots
on pakHjAmin's back....
pakKamarudin Md Top, the Koba Tin Captain
giving last minute instruction and tips to his players....

STAROBA-KOBA TIN Invitation 2011 ( Day 3) : Pakdokter's match..

pakdokter has been walking pakdokter's home course
for the past 10 years......

pakYuzer, pakdokter, pak? ( lupa dong..maaf ya ) and pakMesha....

pakdokter and Maris ( ahhh yang ini bisa ingat...)

Pakdokter, whose handicap was revised upwards to 30, based on the previous day's performance, was matched to play against pakMesha, whose handicap was 29. It was a fair matching.

Pakdokter was told that pakMesa was a 'strong' hitter but had a tendency to hit 'wild'. So in order to help pakdokter remain cool, the Captain put regular winner, pakYuzer, to play in pakdokter's flight, to ensure that pakdokter had a winning chance against pakMesa.

(Pakdokter was actually deeply insulted - these people had the cheek to think that pakdokter could not be 'coooool.....' ). But pakdokter was cool enough not to show how insulted pakdokter was!

PakYuzer, with his 'hockey-style-half -back-swing' sent the first drive easily 200 yards but a little left to the first cut. His opponent hit a similar distance but further inside the fairway. PakMesha who hit next sent a long drive but almost went OB to the right. Pakdokter sent an 'ezy' swing right to the centre of the fairway just 5 yards short of the others. Pakdokter's 2nd shot unfortunately was a top that rolled into the flower bed to the left. All the other three sent their second shots short of the green. Pakdokter used a pitching wedge and manged to get the ball out of the flower bed. With 160 yards left and a huge tree in pakdokter's line, pakdokter used the 26 degrees rescue club and sent the ball for 3-on. But, as on the first day, the green was fast and pakdokter 4 putted for a 7. PakMesha went 1-up with a bogey.
PakYuzer was obviously impressed by pakdokter's drive on the first hole and was determined to do better than pakdokter this time. His drive went 200 yards a little left almost missing the bunker. PakMesha sent another long wild drive to the left into the rough. PakYuzer's opponent hit to the right. Pakdokter's 'ezy' drive went smack to the middle, further than everyone else......heh...heh.....
(PakYuzer commented that 'ini sudah lawan tuan......')
PakMesha second went way off to the right but made it up with a good chip close to the pin. Pakdokter sent the second to the green but again was let down by the putt. PakMesha went 2-up.
Still 'coool' pakdokter consecutively got pars for the next 2 holes ( please refer to the card above 'kalau tak caya'....), but pakMesha pun tak mau kalah.....He also got pars for the next 2 holes to keep the 2-up lead. The other pair in our flight was actually playing like those with handicaps of 24 saja......Pakdokter and pakMesha were actually showing them up.....
PakMesha took the next 2 holes to go 4-up before pakdokter reduced it to 3 at the 8th hole only to lose the 9th hole again to finish the 1st Nine with 4-down.
On the other hand pakYuzer was having a fairly easier time going into the 2nd Nine with 4-up? also.
Pakdokter surprised everybody with a 'birdie' on the 10th hole to reduce the deficit but lost the 11th again to go back to 4-down. Although pakMesha had 'brute, brawn and beauty', pakdokter, like any good old wine, had ' age and maturity' which made it 'smooth and easy' ( if you are a wine connoseaur, you would understand what pakdokter means). Pakdokter took the next 3-holes and went 1-down. Pakdokter could see pakMesha was showing his 'nerves' - very fragile, much like a very young and cheap wine, 'tak bolih tahan panas'......(this was actually his own excuse, he said he plays better in cooler climes., which prompted pakdokter to suggest to him that we should one day play a match in Kunming.....)
So pakdokter took the next hole to make it square at the 16th hole.
At the par-3 17th hole, pakdokter crossed the water but only to send the ball to the fore bunker. PakMesha's ball looked like it was swerving towards water but luckily landed deep into the front bunker. Pakdokter came out short, chipped in for a 5. PakMesha took out the ball nicely near the pin and took the hole with a 4.
Certain of not loosing the game anymore, pakMesha sent a long drive but to the right. Pakdokter needed to win to at least come home with half-a-point for Staroba. Pakdokter's drive was a good one to the centre. PakMesha duffed his second but unfortunately pakdokter did the same and sent it to the left but still in play. Hitting a safe 3rd out to the fairway pakdokter hit the 4th to send it just about 50 yards in front of the green. The 'excitable' pakMesha again sliced his 3rd to the right, hit the track and looked like the ball had bounced off into the flower bed behind the advertisement panel. Pakdokter was too easy with the 5th, shanked it to the right into the bunker......aduuuh.....
PakMesha found his ball behind the advertisement panel and got a free drop and could hit the 4th to the green. He felt he got the game already but chipped it short. Pakdokter hit out of the sand too hard and the ball rolled over to the opposite apron for the 6th. PakMesha topped his 5th that went over the green. Pakdokter was hoping that the ball had rolled into water but, alas, it was saved by the thick rough. Pakdokter chipped in for 7-on and 2-putted for a 9. PakMesha chipped in for 6-on but as it was further from the pin, he 3-putted for a 9 to square the whole and win the match.
Although pakdokter lost the game, pakMesha was generous in his compliments of pakdokter for despite of pakdokter's age, pakdokter had given him a good fight.
But pakdokter could not say the same of pakYuzer though. His constant whining about pakdokter's drive being further than his in a few holes luckily did not affect pakdokter's game.
(PakYuzer, by the way, easily won his match against his opponent.)

STAROBA-KOBA TIN Invitation 2011 ( Day 3) : Lunch and Results

We all adjourned to the function room for lunch as we waited the players to finish their game and the scores being tallied. It looked like Koba Tin was going to win as at one point they were 9 pints up against Staroba's 7 with two more matches to be completed. As it turned out, the last two Staroba warriors, pakAnuarul and pakNorahim came home with 1 point each to enable Staroba to square the 3-day game against Koba Tin.
So, the 90 million rupiah was equally shared by all the 36 golfers who took home 2.5 million rupiah each.
For pakdokter, it was quite a fruitful harvest. Pakdokter had won money everyday and took home a total of 4.2 million rupiah! Not bad....
PakKamaruddin Md Top, the Captain and CEO of Koba Tin in his closing address congratulated and thanked everybody for their participation and announced that there would be a return match in Kuala Lumpur in June 2011.
PakRoslan, Staroba Captain reciprocated in his closing speech and thanked Koba Tin for their generous invitation and sponsorship.
Prizes were given out to the winning team, the top 6 individual players for the 3rd day and the top 6 players over the three days.

CEO and Captain of Koba Tin....

final results of the third day..

pakRoslan receiving 45 million rupiah
from pakKamaruddin on behalf of Staroba...


menang lagi pakYuzer?......

the strongman from Staroba, pakAnuarul....

pakMiswanto, 2nd overall individual winner...
the overall individual winner for the 3 days was
pakChandra who played against pakdokter on day 2

STAROBA-KOBA TIN Invitation 2011 ( Day 2) : Pondok Indah Golf and Country Club

After a good night rest at our hotel, the Grand Millenium Sireh at Tanah Abang, we all woke up for breakfast and left the hotel for the Pondok Indah Golf Course for the second day of the 3-day tournament.
The second day game was originally planned to be played on the 'greensome/foursome' format. But the Koba Tin contingent who had several practice rounds at these selected courses found the format too difficult to understand decided to scrap the plan and stick to the 4-ball best ball partnership contest, as on the first day game. It was a blessing for Staroba as its attempt to get everybody to play a practice round at the Glenmarie before the trip to familiarise with the 'greensome' format only managed to get 6 players to come and they all were still unclear about the format despite the practice round.

In the bus to Pondok Indah, the Staroba Captain announced the team's pairing and their respective opponents. The two team captains had met the night before to draw out the fixture.
Most of us have never played at the Pondok Indah Golf Course. Pondok Indah is one of the older golf courses in Jakarta, located in the expatriate encalve of the city. The golf course was reconstructed and much improved about two years ago and was in a great shape fit for any competition.

luxurious changing room..

Pondok Indah is a buggy course. The fairways were narrow with lateral hazards and lakes to play with. So accurate and straight shots are crucial for getting good scores.

the driving range seen from the clubhouse...

the club-house...

bags all on the buggies..

As we waited for our tee-off time and helped ourselves to the light lunch served at the lounge, pakYuzer who came out winner on the first day took the opportunity to give his 5-cents worth of tips and advice on how to play well. Pakdokter learnt a lot from this 'champion'.....

Below are some short videos of pakYuzer's 'motivational' talk before the game...

Friday, February 11, 2011

STAROBA-KOBA Tin Invitation 2011 (Day 2): pakdokter's match...

Pakdokter was paired with pakRosliKhan against pakHeru and pakChandra of Koba Tin. Based on the first day's scores, pakdokter's handicap was adjusted to 27 and pakRosli played to a handicap of 16. PakHeru played to a handicap of 17 and pakChandra to a handicap of 26.

pakChandra, pakRosli, pakdokter and pakHeru...

apartments by the fairways of the course...

the pretty one was pakdokter's caddy...

We teed off from hole No. 10. Pakdokter and pakRosli only managed a bogey and lost the hole to pakHeru who scored a par. Pakdokter came to the rescue and obtained a par for hole No. 11 to square the match. But pakChandra whose handicap was 26 came in strongly in the next 3 holes with consecutive pars to go 3-up against us as he had the advantage of many strokes against pakRosli. We went 4 down by the end of the 1st Nine despite pakRosli's gallant effort of getting many pars only to be levelled or beaten by pakHeru or pakChandra with his 'strokes' advantage.

It was pakChandra again who inflicted the damage in the 2nd Nine and our game was over by the 15th hole. We continued to play as best as we could for the top six pairs and as it turned out both our pair and the Koba Tin pair came out joint second which earned us 2 million rupiah.
Although pakdokter's pair lost to the Koba Tin pair, the other teams from Staroba managed to beat their opponents and came home with 5.5 points against Koba Tin's 3.5 points.
So the tally for the two days was 9 points for Koba Tin and 9 points for Staroba.